Tap Into Your Kids Creativity with FUN Camps & Classes at Home

Creativity builds confidence. Help boost your OWN kids' self-esteem through online creative camps & classes each month.

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Still stuck at home and want your kids involved in creative activities throughout the summer?

We've got you covered!

Fun and Creative

Not all kids enjoy sports or are high academic achievers. Exposure to creative arts enrichment classes and activities helps cultivate curiosity and problem solving.

Practice "Soft Skills"

With so much emphasis on STEM, kids are not offered the opportunity to put into practice "soft skills" with today's contemporary school curriculum. Participation in theatre and creative arts activities gives kids an opportunity to practice empathy, critical & quick thinking skills, and more!

Build Confidence

Studies show that when kids participate in activities and projects that they love, they do better in other academic subjects. AND they enjoy learning. When they enjoy learning, they build confidence and positive self esteem.

What is Included in the Clubhouse?

Theatre Arts, Film-making, Art Journaling(drawing and painting), Baking, and lots of other creative lessons at your fingertips! Conveniently online so you and your kids can do on YOUR schedule!


Each Month You'll Receive:

- Monthly lessons released every month 

- Monthly themes 

- History Lessons (theatre, film, art)

- Supply Lists as needed


There will also be a private Facebook group to post & share students' videos of monologues, scene work, character makeup, costumes, original films, art journaling pages, baking and more. This is completely optional. All of the lessons and content will be provided inside your personal online library portal.


Join the Clubhouse

Creative Kids Clubhouse
(Ages 6-13)


Included every month:

  • New Lesson Activities
  • Monthly Themes
  • Downloadable worksheets
  • Video tutorials
  • New lessons and "camps" each month:
    • Theatre Arts
    • Film Making
    • Art Journaling
    • Baking
  • Surprise creative lessons!
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Support from our Staff
Join the Clubhouse

Once you enroll in the clubhouse membership, you'll have your own personal log-in to the library of materials. This is where you'll find new material and lessons each week. 

You may participate for as long as you wish! Each month is a new theme and group of lessons. You can stay for a long time (we hope you do!) or you can cancel at anytime. 

Multiple children in the same household can access the materials under the same membership - you don't have to have separate memberships.

No, you do not! 

BUT, we will have this private group for the community of students so that they can share their projects! It is a place to post "performances".



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