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I’ve always believed that that theatre arts programming can provide a "home" for those non-sports or academic kids.

Hi, I'm Donna (Drama Club Mama) and I know how important it is to be a part of something important...and fit in at school and in extra curricular activities.

I also believe that our youth NEEDS these types of programs more than ever before.

NOT because we are grooming our next Broadway stars, but because participation in the arts put "soft skills" into practice.

Skills such as empathy, communication, teamwork, problem solving, and quick thinking.

Our successful programs (our CAST after school program on school campuses and our academy studios classes at our Southlake location) are created to instill adventure, imagination, and creativity in our students.

I've been conducting theatre arts classes and lessons in my community since 2008, and have also packaged up all the curriculum, how-to, and that dance studio owners, community theatres, or church youth ministries can also leverage the power of theatre arts for their own organizations. My licensed digital product and training, BACKSTAGE PASS  gives them the assets to not just create a robust revenue stream, but also create a huge impact in their own studios.


"Drama Club with Donna Clark rocked! Our students, staff, and parents loved the opportunity to participate in the final production at the end of each semester. We provided the place for the drama club to meet and they did the rest! Super program! Super successful! Super easy!"

Mark L.
Former elementary school principal

"My experience with Donna and team was through the elementary school when my kids signed up for Drama. It was a wonderful experience -- it's like "Toastmasters for kids!" They build confidence, learn how to take direction, work as a team and perform in front of a live audience. It was a great experience for both of my girls and one that I definitely recommend to others!"

Piper W.
Drama Club parent